Calculate the cost of your private medical insurance in less than a minute.

Fill in our short and simple interactive calculator to get an idea of what it’ll cost you to get fully covered…

Why fill in the calculator?

If you like the idea of having a higher quality of healthcare, no long waits for operations and procedures and complete choice over who treats you and when you get treated, then private medical care is for you.

The simplest and most affordable way to secure private medical care is with an insurance premium – a straightforward, affordable monthly payment that covers you in the event of you needing medical attention.

With no insurance, private healthcare costs a lot, but with insurance, you’ll just pay an affordable excess.

 The truth is that private medical insurance is more affordable than most people think, and this calculator can give you an estimate of what it would cost you per month, all by asking a few simple questions.
Who are Sustainable Healthcare?

At Sustainable Healthcare, we’re committed to ensuring that the healthcare system in the UK works as well as it possibly can, and we exist to raise awareness and point people in the right direction of tools and resources that help them access the care they need.

We believe that both public and private healthcare have important roles to play and that they can work hand-in-hand, which is why we’re committed to helping to reduce the strain on the NHS, whilst making people aware of other, high quality healthcare options.