March 18

Can a sole trader plumber afford not to have private medical insurance?



How seriously could your business be affected if you fell ill or got injured and couldn’t work? 

Like most sole trader plumbers, you’ve more than likely got a couple of insurance policies in place.

You’ve taken the sensible route and got your public and employer’s liability cover sorted. You’ll have your vehicle insurance and cover for your tools too.

Whether you got an umbrella policy that covers everything you need, or you took out several individual plans, the chances are you’re sleeping soundly at night thanks to the peace of mind that insurance gives you.

But how soundly will you be sleeping if you get ill or injured and you can’t keep working? And how are you going to keep looking after your loved ones if illness or injury prevents you from working and earning money?

For many, the answer’s simple.

And maybe you’re even already thinking, “Yeah yeah, I’ve already got gap insurance in place to cover me if I can’t earn for a while”. 

Smart move! But how much is that sort of policy going to help you get back to fighting fit and into the position you need to be into work?

Because the reality is, you’ll be making a lot more money doing your job than you will be sitting at home relying on an insurance pay-out. You’ll be having a lot more fun too.

As long as you’re in the right shape to do it.

See the thing is, NHS waiting lists are at an all-time high. For example, the current waiting list for consultant-led treatment stands at 4.57 million people (that’s 44% more than in 2015!).

If you need a knee operation or any other consultant-led treatment, you’re likely to find yourself waiting for many months.

Instead of doing the job you love and earning good money for your family, you could find yourself stuck on a waiting list for months, unable to work, unable to make money. 

What’s more, one of the most common body parts to get injured during plumbing jobs is the eye.

And when you consider that relatively few eye treatments are actually available on the NHS at all, you’ll see that an alternative source of healthcare could become more than a luxury; it could just be a necessity too.

That’s why at Sustainable Healthcare, we always recommend that plumbers take out private medical insurance.

It’s the safest, securest way to guarantee you’ll get your body back into shape in the shortest time possible, should illness or injury hit. And not only do you avoid lengthy waiting times, but you also benefit from a whole raft of other great stuff:

  • Specialist referrals for more technical treatments
  • Your own choice of when, where and by whom you’re treated
  • A private room, far away from any open wards
  • Any specialist scan or drug you need, any time you need it
  • Physio for typical plumbing-related repetitive motion injuries – with no waiting lists

But those are just some of the features of private medical insurance. The benefits? They’re endless.

So if you want to keep the periods you get caught unable to work to an absolute minimum…

If you want to stay on your feet and earning as much money for your loved ones as possible…

If you want to get a comfortable experience and the quickest route to recovery, no matter what your problem is…

And if you want to be in the control seat of your health, your treatment and your future…

Private medical insurance for plumbers is the way to go.


Always talk to an adviser when buying Private Medical Insurance.  They will match your requirements to the many different policy options and get you the best deal.

In the private medical insurance arena, these people act more like pension or mortgage advisers than your typical insurance salesperson. And they’re always going to be on your side.

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