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What the future of healthcare in the UK holds

What does the future hold for healthcare in the UK?

The National Health Service has seen better days. Underfunded, overworked and struggling to cope with the strain, our NHS currently looks more like a political weapon than a vehicle for sustainable, reliable care. And if we don’t do something about it, its future won’t be pretty.

Right now, the UK needs to be making more sustainable choices when it comes to healthcare. But it’s certainly not going to be a simple process; these issues simply can’t be easily resolved. Meanwhile waiting times lengthen, A&Es continue to bulge at the seams, and exhausted staff grow more and more miserable. So what can we do?

Every day, people put forward their great ideas to “solve” the NHS’ problems. We’ve all seen the headlines and heard the Commons debates on the matter. But what if the answer wasn’t to increase funding? Or what about a solution that doesn’t involve complete scrappage?

At Sustainable Healthcare, we believe that there is another way. And that’s precisely why we exist; to offer advice and support to people living in the UK about how to make the choices that will lead to sustainable healthcare in this country. Let’s make the changes that matter now before it’s too late. 

The Problem:

In a nutshell? Rising needs. People are living longer these days, and that means they need more care, and for longer. The population’s growing too, with figures estimating there’ll be 3 million more of us living in the UK in just ten years’ time. 

And yet the pressure on the NHS keeps mounting up. “We need to reduce the cost of drug development and therapies.” “We need to reduce the cost of surgery.” “We need to improve access to treatments.” But there’s no magic wand that’ll solve these problems. As things stand, our taxes don’t go far enough to fund the NHS entirely, and it’s unlikely that they ever will. 

And while the boomers' generation might have the means to buy their way out when things get tough, a failing health service might turn out to be too significant a burden for Generation X to shoulder. There must be something we can do; something that works for everyone. 

One Solution:

Do we pay more taxes? No, probably not. Like we just pointed out, the real needs are rather severe, and we couldn’t possibly spend enough tax to solve them. And when you consider that the treasury specifies that it never ringfences tax revenue, that solution becomes even more hopeless. An increase in tax would simply be allocated as the budget priorities dictate. And who knows where spending will be from one year to the next?

Do we scrap the NHS altogether? Absolutely not! If we were to replace the service with private providers, we’d still need to pay more in, and the only thing that would change would be the people in charge and the stakeholders. What’s the point in that? 

No, we think the solution is something altogether very different. And it’s also straightforward. 

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